The Huddersfield Singers 2006 Calendar

The Huddersfield Singers 2006 Calendar

(Archived for historical interest; the calendar is no longer available to purchase.)

A superb Huddersfield Singers calendar has been produced for 2006, featuring photographs of choir members in a variety of interesting locations around the Huddersfield area. Excellent photography is complemented by interesting, original design: with every page of the calendar featuring its own musical border, containing music appropriate to each month, the Singers’ calendar is strikingly unique.

The calendars are available in a choice of A3 and A4 sizes, so you can pick the size that suits you best. The smaller A4 version is neat and attractive and doesn’t take up too much space, whereas the larger A3 calendar requires more space but has ample room for you to write details in the date boxes on each page. Both sizes of calendar are commercially printed on best-quality matt-finish paper in order to allow you to write notes on them easily.

Every calendar comprises fourteen pages: a glossy front cover and twelve individual matt-finish month pages, all in full colour, and a stiff backing board containing details about the choir. Below is a preview of the photographs in the calendar; click on each to see a larger preview of the page on which the picture appears.

  Front cover

Front cover
St Paul’s Church, Armitage Bridge, Huddersfield
January February March
Bandstand and Temperance Society fountain, Greenhead Park
Huddersfield Railway Station façade and Harold Wilson statue
Eastergate Bridge, Close Moss, Marsden
April May June
Gatehouse and main avenue, Beaumont Park (with acknowledgements to The Beatles)
Lock 23E, Huddersfield Narrow Canal, Slaithwaite
Mediæval stocks, Marsden
July August September
Locomotive lift-bridge, Huddersfield Broad Canal
Victoria (Jubilee) Tower, Castle Hill
Waterfall near Eastergate Bridge, Close Moss, Marsden
October November December
Newly-restored Great War memorial, Norman Park, Birkby
Cupola, bell & clock from Huddersfield’s bygone Cloth Hall, Ravensknowle Park
1st floor, Byram Arcade, Huddersfield town centre

Also available

As well as the fourteen-page calendar, we also have a single-page glossy year-plan for 2006. This A4-sized item features the same photograph as the front cover of the main calendar, below which is a summary of all dates in 2006 (see illustration to the right, which can be clicked for a larger preview).


The calendars and year-plans are priced as follows:
    A4 (small) calendar: £6.50
    + £1 P&P
    A3 (large) calendar: £8.50
    + £1.50 P&P
    A4 year-plan: £1.50
    P&P FREE if bought with a calendar
    + £1 P&P if bought separately


Finally, we have a couple of free items for you to download. The first is an electronic copy of our year-plan. As the year-plan was intended mainly as a promotional item to advertise the full calendar and the choir, it is being made available here to allow people to print their own, as an alternative to buying the commercially-printed version. To view and print the file, a copy of the Adobe Reader (or similar) software is required.

Download Year-Plan 2006 (1.3MB PDF file)

The second free item is a screensaver for Apple Macintosh computers running Mac OS X. This is a slideshow saver featuring all thirteen photos from the calendar. (The pictures have been scaled down and reduced in quality to suit a computer screen, and so are not suitable for printing.)

Download Mac OS X screensaver (3.8MB Zip archive)

(Version 1.1 update: now includes an improved Byram Arcade [December] photo)

Note: Sadly, Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) has dropped support for slideshow-type screensavers such as this. If you wish to use this screensaver on a Mac running Mountain Lion or later, you can still extract the pictures and install them on your system for use as a screensaver; it just takes a little work. For details on what to do, see this discussion on Apple’s support forums.

    Installing and using the screensaver

    After downloading the screensaver file, your browser will probably unpack it and leave the screensaver on your desktop. If that doesn’t happen, double-click on the file to unpack it yourself. (The files is likely to be somewhere on your desktop or, if you are running Mac OS X 10.7 [Lion], in your dedicated Downloads folder.) This should leave you with a file called Huddersfield Singers 2006.slideSaver. Double-click on this to install it. (If your version of Mac OS X is old, it may not offer to install the screensaver for you. If so, you should move it into the appropriate folder manually. That’s the <home>/Library/Screen Savers folder.)

    Once installed, you will be able to find the screensaver listed in the Screen Savers section of the System Preferences application. Click on its name in the list to highlight it and make it the active screensaver. A preview should appear in the window when you do this. If you wish, click on the Options… button below the preview to adjust various behavioural options. The screensaver will display the photos in a random order by default, but if you turn off the Present slides in random order option, they will be shown in month order, as they appear in the calendar.

NEW… Downloadable PDF archive version of the calendar

Now that lots of time has gone by since the calendar was published, the calendar itself has finally been archived on this website. Two PDF files are available: the 14-page 2006 Calendar itself and the single-page 2006 Year Plan. Both are the full-size A3 originals. Note that the Year Plan was only ever made available at A4 size, but nevertheless it was designed at A3, just like the rest of the calendar, and here the A3 version is supplied. (The copy provided earlier on this page is sized at A4.) The A3 and A4 versions of the calendar were in fact identical; the A4 version was merely the A3 calendar scaled down to 70% of original size.

These PDFs are identical to the pages originally printed (and are at full resolution), with one alteration: the original CMYK colour definitions for the music-border of each page have been changed to RGB, which allows the colours in the PDFs, when viewed on screen, to look much closer to the printed versions. These pages can still be printed, if desired; indeed, the use of RGB rather than CMYK colours should make little difference to most modern colour printers and digital presses, and may even be more appropriate for modern printing equipment.

Download A3 Calendar 2006 (11.7MB PDF file)

Download A3 Year-Plan 2006 (981K PDF file)


Calendar concept, planning, design, photography and production:
Richard Hallas

Logistical planning, transportation, sales and other assistance:
Barbara Lockwood

The photographs and software resources on this page are copyright © 2005 Richard G. Hallas.